SoftGate Valley Limited offers a flexible yet dynamic ICT environment that guarantees the success of your company. We are ready to partner and consult for you to grow a more successful and green enterprise.

Our portfolio of se14021631_1027270804056681_8698867417645569525_nrvices include:

Enterprise Network and Strategic Solution
The basic indices for success in an organisation are the availability of a reliable connection, communications and secured networking technologies. read more

Enterprise Solution Security
With the new security challenges confronting the whole planet, it has become imperative to secure huge enterprises. However, due to the dynamic nature of the security threats, it has become important to change our approach towards security.

  • Security Policies: A well defined policies are required for proper system interaction.
  • Identity Security: Secured ID cards and access control solution
  • Data storage Security: Data is the most valuable asset today. Therefore it must be well stored, archived, backed up and access to data well controlled.
  • Online Security: Online authentication and identification.
  • Web portal security: Security of online business transactions.

Collaborative Software Development
Collaborative software development is the solution to overwhelming software industry, in other to achieve profitable growth and increased efficiency for the optimal satisfaction of our clients. The collaboration opens up software development to a community of designers, partners, and customers to build the next generation of software and other commercial products.

Alternative Energy
Persistent power grid failures, the instability of oil prices, and the severity of changes in weather conditions have significantly raised the urgency of the issues of energy and climate change �governments, corporations and the public overall. SGV believes, the work extends beyond any single company, industry or even country. It will require collaboration on many fronts. Sustainable energy use that can build economies while protecting the planet. A new perspective and redesigning the systems that brings power to the people.

Web / Graphic /Brand Design Solution
Creating a responsive design, one where elements on the web page are fluid, has never been simpler. At SGV we believe in international best practise, thus we constantly research and strive at creating better technological ways of satisfying our clients, we have adopted a new scientific method of designing the web. Responsive Web Design was coined by Ethan Marcotte, to describe the practice of flowing layouts, page elements and images, by leveraging media queries to support various device display properties. As the name suggests, this design technique allows a web page to respond in real time to both a users behaviour (browser window size), and device platform (including orientation).

Maintenance / Support Services
At SGV we strongly believe and recommend that organisation should adopt a holistic maintenance/support services culture. The culture of a proactive, preventive maintenance has proven to be cost effective to enterprise. We carry out all the various maintenance and support types as requested or applicable.14203214_1041122776004817_7613483451846772887_n

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Corrective Maintenance
  • Different types of support services
    • Time and Material
    • Block Hours
    • Managed services
    • Customised services
  • Different level of Support services
    • Tier 1-4
    • Remote Support